Limited Tree Fort TAB Stock


Tree Fort Strut Back Up - PRESALE

$ 129.95

Pre-order today to reserve stock! Estimated Ship Date 9/9

Preorder today to reserve stock. Estimated ship date mid August

The Tree Fort Strut Back Up increases the load capacity of a Tree Fort TAB. It keeps the Tree Fort TAB level under heavier loads and is used when a Tree Fort Cable Back Up is not possible because of obstacles above and/or the cable would create a tripping hazard on the deck.

One end of the strut is left hand threaded. Use caution when inserting the eye rod ends!


  • (2) Strut ends
  • (2) 5/8" eye rod ends
  • (1) Strut Turnbuckle
  • (1) 5/8" jam nut
  • (2) 5/8" x 2" hex bolts
  • (2) 5/8" lock nuts
  • (1) 1" x 8" lag screw

*Does NOT include the Tree Fort TAB pictured


We strongly recommend backing up every Tree Fort TAB with either a Cable Back Up or Strut Back Up.

**After your purchase is complete, you will be provided with installation instructions. Please see the "order note" in your confirmation email to access these.

Tree Fort Strut Back Up Installation Video:

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