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Zero-to-Tree Climbing Kit

$ 1,359.95

Starting from ground ZERO?! The Zero-to-Tree Climbing Kit is here with everything you need to affordably get into the trees. With our crew's favorite Sequoia SRT Saddle and Petzl accessories, you can climb "yo-yo style" like the masters themselves. All you need is a helmet!

  • Petzl Sequoia SRT Saddle
  • Left-handed rope ascender
  • (3x) Am'D Twist-Lock carabiner
  • Anneau 60cm sling
  • Adjustable Footcord
  • Rig compact self-braking descender
  • Mobile versatile compact pully
  • 60m Airline
  • 250g Jet bag
  • Vector 11mm Lifeline Rope (150ft)
  • Tree Climbers Companion Guide Book