Future treehouse builders!

Please note that our plans require an intermediate to advanced base of construction knowledge to execute. These plans are for aesthetic inspiration and will serve as the perfect launching point for your treehouse project. The trees truly dictate the design of the platform so expect to modify each plan set for your specific tree scenario. There is a lot of great information in the instructional guide to help aide this process. However, we do recommend consulting an arborist before each build and a structural engineer if you plan to alter the treehouse platform design substantially. 

A 15 minute consultation call is recommended to ensure you are purchasing the right plan for your tree set up. If you need more than 15 minutes we offer consultations for an hourly fee.

A copy of Treehousing: The Instructional Guide is included with each set of plans.

Important! Due to the infinite variability of trees, the following are not included in treehouse plans:

  • Cut list for the lumber (note: specific sizes of wood for knee braces and beams are noted on plans)
  • Detailed material list (note: necessary treehouse and connection hardware such as TAB's and lag bolts are discussed on plans, but the specific quantity of necessary hardware pieces will vary from treehouse to treehouse).