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 Welcome, DIY treehouse builders! We’re so glad you’ll be using one of our designs to bring your dream treehouse to life.


Our designs require intermediate to advanced construction knowledge to execute and are meant to serve as aesthetic inspiration; they’re the perfect launching point for your own creativity. Each plan is meant to be customized to your trees and lifestyle, and we encourage you to make it your own!


All of our plans come with a complimentary copy of our Treehousing: The Instructional Guide. Before embarking on your build, we recommend reading the Guide cover to cover to familiarize yourself with the best practices of treehouse-building. As we state in the Guide, the trees dictate the design of the platform, so please be prepared to modify each plan set according to your specific tree scenario.

We also recommend consulting an arborist before each build, as well as a structural engineer if you plan to significantly alter the treehouse platform design.

If you live in a snowy region, you must take into account snow load when building your treehouse. We strongly recommend consulting with a structural engineer before purchasing hardware to ensure you have proper support.

Lastly, our blog and YouTube channel are full of educational content on tips, tricks, and best techniques for treehouse design and build. We recommend that treehouse DIY-ers watch these videos before getting started:

You might also find these blog posts informative:


We provide a complimentary 15-minute consultation to advise you on the best plan and hardware system for your trees. 


The following information is included in each plan set:

  • Platform and floor plan, framing plan, wall sections, and more section details
  • Two or three elevation sections
  • Specific sizes of wood for knee braces and beams
  • List of required treehouse connection hardware such as TABs and lag bolts
  • Copy of Treehousing: The Instructional Guide

Due to the infinite variability of trees, the following information is not included in treehouse plans:

  • Specific cut list for the lumber
  • Detailed material list
  • Bid/cost breakdown


Keep in mind that treehouse-building is an organic process – our crew almost always innovates onsite with spontaneous tweaks to the original design. Stay flexible, get creative, and have fun, even (or especially) when you’re deep in head-scratching moments of treehouse troubleshooting. To the trees!

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Disclaimer and Limitations

Be in a Tree LLC and Nelson Treehouse and Supply disclaim and limit any representations and warranties as follows:

  • The load that this treehouse hardware can bear depends on many factors, including the species and health of your tree(s). Tree house maintenance is required every year to ensure the structure, and tree(s) remain safe and secure for years to come, and more importantly that its users are not put at risk. Perform frequent inspections and maintenance.
  • We highly recommend consulting with Nelson Treehouse, a certified arborist, and a structural engineer before starting your project, especially if your treehouse will contend with snow loads, wind, earthquakes, or other extreme environmental factors.
  • Use hardware at your own risk. Improperly installed hardware can pose a significant risk to all parties involved including (but not limited to) the tree, construction workers, and the users of the treehouse. Be in a Tree LLC and Nelson Treehouse and Supply disclaim and assume no liability, are not responsible for property damage, personal injury or consequential damages alleged to be the result of use of this product.