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THREE Tree-Tree Fort Hardware Kit

THREE Tree-Tree Fort Hardware Kit

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This kit is the custom treehouse hardware you will need to build a platform for a small-scale treehouse in 3 trees using our Tree Fort Treehouse Hardware System.

This kit includes:

  • (4) Tree Fort TABs
  • (2) Tree Fort DUAs
  • (2) Tree Fort SUA
  • (4) Hex Nuts
  • (1) Tree Fort TAB Install Kit

We strongly recommend backing up ALL TABs using either a Cable Back Up or a Strut Back Up. These are sold separately since you will need to determine which backup to used based off of your design. 

CLICK HERE to watch the FULL Tree Fort Hardware Video Series on how to build a small treehouse platform.

*After your purchase is complete, you will be provided with installation instructions. Please see the "order note" in your confirmation email to access these.