Tree Fort Kits are SOLD OUT. Preorder only - estimated ship late August.


1" x 18" Auger Bit

$ 49.95

This bit is used to create the pilot hole for the standard TAB. After creating the pilot hole, a TAB Bit (sold separately) must be used to create space for the "boss" of the TAB. The stem of the TAB is tightened into the hole that the 1" Auger Bit creates.

  • Fast cutting of clean holes in wood
  • Cuts nails and staples
  • Precision-ground for long life
  • Hardened and tempered for durability

Check out the 1" Auger Bit in action:

In order to participate in the rental program, you must clarify in an order note or email before shipment that you would like a rental bit or auger. Then if they are returned, undamaged within 30 days, you receive a 60% refund.