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New Treehouses of the World by Pete Nelson - SIGNED COPY!

$ 37.50

In New Treehouses of the World (2009), renowned treehouse designer and builder Pete Nelson takes readers on an exciting international tour of more than 35 new treehouses. On this blissful journey into the treetops of six continents, Pete reveals architectural wonders not only in the United States (where treehouses are proliferating), but also in the forests of Bali, Japan, Costa Rica, and Brazil, among many others.

Pete—whose infectious enthusiasm is familiar to millions of viewers of the hit Animal Planet TV show Treehouse Masterspairs thoughtful text with stunning photography. His pages explore explore the universal sense of wonder and peace inspired by arboreal architecture, offering a window into a world far removed from everyday life.

As sustainable living issues stand poised to become the most important challenges facing our planet in the post-millennial age, the positive power and goodwill that a treehouse engenders is of greater importance than ever before. This book imparts that energy to its readers, encouraging a desire to seek out and explore naturewhether through a treehouse or a simple walk among trees.  

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