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Tree Fort TAB

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The Treehouse Attachment Bolt (TAB) is the structural backbone of every treehouse. The lag-threaded end secures the TAB in the tree, while the other end extends outward, acting as an artificial tree limb that supports structural members like beams. You’ll attach your beams to the TABs using a Dynamic or Static Uplift Arrestors.

TABs in softer trees (like pines and cedars) may support less weight than TABs in harder trees (like oaks and hickories). Installing a Cable or Strut Back-Up adds strength to a TAB.

The Tree Fort TAB is designed for kid-scale treehouses. It is the most "lightweight" TAB we have created and is perfect for backyard, small scale projects. Using the correct treehouse hardware will ensure your treehouse is safe & secure, while allowing the tree(s) to move and grow for the life of the tree. 

Questions? Watch our 15 Part Video Series on how to build a small treehouse platform.