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Omak Plan - Digital Download

$ 149.95

Instantaneous Digital Download that includes the Omak Treehouse Plan AND Treehousing: The Instructional Guide. 

Modeled after the Nest Treehouse at TreeHouse Point, the Omak Treehouse is a cozy two-tree backyard hideout. Complete with a set of stairs, two doors and a large wrap-around deck, this treehouse offers great flow through a variety of spaces and lots of furnishing flexibility. The interior space may be only 100 square feet, but it comes with a bonus nook and plenty of natural light. The cantilevered deck makes up for any lack of interior space, boasting 116 square feet of fresh air and tree canopy enjoyment. This build is a good challenge, without being overly complex. 

Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Our designs are meant to be customized to your trees and lifestyle: we encourage you to make it your own! Treehouse-building is an organic process. Stay flexible, get creative and have fun - even (or especially) when you're deep in head-scratching moments of treehouse troubleshooting. To the Trees!

Note: all of our plans can be modified to fit your trees and lifestyle.


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Omak Treehouse Hardware Kit available here.