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Large Pagoda Birdhouse

$ 90.00 $ 140.00

The Large Pagoda Birdhouse is handmade in Fall City, Washington out of left over cedar from our treehouses projects. This design is appropriate for Bluebirds, Swallowtails and other medium sized birds. Along with excellent ventilation, the front panel also swings up for easy cleaning. A steep roof pitch keeps & predator guard keeps danger from lurking. The unique roof design keeps entryway and interior dry while the rear drip edge design keeps weather out. This birdhouse is the ultimate in form and function. Finished with raw linseed oil (not boiled).

  • 5" floor
  • 1 1/2" entryway
  • 6" from floor to hole
  • Secure safety hook latch
  • Fledgling kerfs
  • 2 Mounting Nails Included - one larger nail for hanging the birdhouses from the hole on the back and a smaller nail for securing the bottom of the birdhouse to where it is mounted (this hole is predrilled for easy installation). 
  • Design by Bill Cooper - an ornithologist on San Juan Island