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The Treehouse Book by Pete and Judy Nelson - SIGNED COPY!

$ 25.00

Master treehouse-builders Pete and Judy Nelson, with David Larkin, embarked on yet another treehouse-discovery expedition across America—this time adding the investigation of backyard playhouses to their agenda.

In The Treehouse Book (2000), they reveal their findings: from casual treeshacks made from discarded lumber to multi-tiered feats of fancy. The Nelsons found shelters representing myriad builders: from childhood fanatics grown up, to weekend carpenters, to those who want their grandkids to have the best clubhouse on the block.

Detailed how-to information, including plans and drawings, is woven with behind-the-scenes tales of each structure's occupants and stunning interior and exterior photographs.

One thing was clear throughout this transcontinental expedition: treehouses are universally loved. They bring joy to folks from all backgrounds, rooting us to our childhoods and branching out toward our future in innovative and sustainable building.

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