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$ 274.95

The Standard Limb Treehouse Attachment Bolt (SL TAB) is made of 4140 Carbon Steel and is the backbone of treehouse-building. It's a tree-friendly piece of hardware that allows the tree to grow around the TAB, making the connection even stronger over time.

A properly installed SL TAB may support between 8,000 to 10,000 pounds of force, depending on the species of the tree(s).*

How it works in short terms: the coarsely threaded end secures the TAB within the heart wood of the tree. The “boss,” the thicker piece of 3” diameter steel, provides the majority of the TAB’s compressive strength and allows for greater distribution of load. The “arm” extends out from the boss and supports the beams. It is advised that you contact us for a consultation and/or purchase our Treehouse Instructional Guide. 


Boss length: 6" x 3"

Stem that sticks out of the tree: 12" long

~18 lbs 

If you will not be installing a suspension system with the TAB, don't forget to order a hex nut to add at the end of the TAB.

You will need the SL Pilot Bit Combo and a 1" Auger bit for installation.

Learn about the testing we have done with our TABs. 

*Please note that our TABs do not have weight ratings. The weight TABs are able to bear will greatly depend on the species and health of the tree, as well as many other factors. We highly recommend consulting with one of our team members, a professional arborist and/or engineer before starting your project. Read more about our hardware, here.

*After your purchase is complete, you will be provided with installation instructions. Please see the "order note" in your confirmation email to access these.